The Jackfruit tree at Green Valley

"And without this bonding, what is life? What is life without this exchange of soul essence between the human and the wildness of the world? Tasteless food in some dusty and empty place rising in the precision out of an empty plain. A mathematical life forced into place by bulldozer and concrete and Man. And what are we then but abandoned and crumbled newspapers, stories without meaning, blowing down some wind-swept, darkened street."
- Stephen Harrod Buhner in “The Secret Teachings of Plants“

Welcome to The Jackfruit Tree @ Green Valley - the Mountain-view villa.
The Jackfruit Tree is committed to caring for the environment and the community in which we are located. Our personnel are encouraged to protect our environment. You too can do your bit to save the environment.
Whether you are reading a favourite book in the breezy balcony or relaxing on a hammock by garden, you will be able to enjoy the amazing view the green mountain.
Escape into an arcane world tucked away in the hills of Wayanad. Feel the cold breeze that rushes over fields and rivers to rustle your hair, the kiss of mists clinging to mountains.
Savour the landscape on a bicycle, from half-day routes to all-day programs, over smooth roads or dirt tracks. 

Fact sheet

A serviced villa at the valley of Chembra Peak!

There is nothing new about this space that we can boast about! But we promise that You will find a new Self here... Our villa with best of amenities & home-like services, beside the Magnificent Peak at Chembra, the highest peak and trekking point in Wayanad - ​lets your mind unwind, reconnect and relax with your loved ones. We have ​​4 bedrooms that can accommodate two adults in each and a 4 bed Dormitory. A spacious dining area where you can enjoy your meal along with the view outdoors. There is a living area that leads you to a balcony overlooking the Peak. The place is child friendly and there is a small and lovely play area in a walking distance, for children to play outdoors. You could also plan a trek to the Peak right from this villa.


• Complimentary Breakfast
• Lunch and Dinner on Request
• Clean European type toilets
• Broadband internet - WiFi on request
• Supply of Hot water
• Ultra Violet Filtered drinking water
• Bedrooms with all modern facilities
• Neat and clean surroundings
• Parking Facility
• Rooms for Drivers
• Round the clock security

Gift Your Family A Perfect Mountain Holiday at GOD's Own Country


Local Attractions / Activities


Chembra Peak


Banasura Sagar Dam


Soochippara Waterfalls

Ancient Jain Temple

Wayanad Wildlife

Wayanad Ghat

Camp Fire

Bird Watching

Pookode Lake

Chembra Peak:
Worth a day’s trek. Forget not your trekking apparels.
Bird Watching
We recommend that you carry a pair of binoculars with you. The nature here offers you a variety of birds to observe.
Soochippara Waterfalls
Only 18kms away from the property. You have options to trek up the waterfall, spare clothes are compulsory- you can’t resist a bath in the stream.
Camp fire
We are equipped to light up your evenings with a camp fire. Good food and friends, or loneliness in the lap of nature...
Pookode Lake
Ideal spot for a picnic. Boating and a bit of shopping can be done here.
There are several other options for our guests to savour the flavours of Waynad. Or you might just prefer to lay the Shade of The Jackfruit Tree...

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